Our Program Consists of 5 Areas of Opportunity

5 Life Skill areas of focus: 

Tangibility: Teaching our young people to set tangible goals.  Inspiring them to reach for things that they never dreamed possible. Young people think only the rich and well to do can attain experiences, including education.  Show our children how to get scholarships by focusing on major areas of need within the work force such as Health Care-Computers and Electronics.  We need to steer our young people towards careers that will allow them to progress academically-socially and financially. Our program will focus on putting our young people in touch with careers that involve the STEM majors: Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics. All young folks should take a trip out of Richmond. This includes Education and academics. Studying and learning for success. GED Preparation, tutoring and bringing up their failing grades. Preparing for graduation and education beyond high school. 

Forecasting: Our young people have such limited vision of where they can go, what they can be and how long they will live.  When you live in low income areas where crime is high and life expectancy is low, you pattern your daily behavior after your limited view of longevity.  We want our young people to dream and grow.  We want them to see themselves at 40 years and beyond and we need to encourage them to look at retirement now, what do you want to do when you no longer have to work, how will you play? Our young folks need guidance and help focusing on what’s the right choices for career and skill building. We also need to encourage and develop young entrepreneurs.   

Nutrition: Teaching our young people about exercise and nutrition.  There are plenty of feeding programs for children, not so much for our young teens and young adults, College students who need food too. Teaching our young people holistic approaches to diet, growing good food to eat. Exploring vegan and alternate diets, to sustain our health and grow. Why are vitamins important? Taking care of our bodies and maintaining good eating practices.  What about sleep and creating and maintaining a healthy sleep routine. Provide gym memberships to those interested in developing a healthy work out routine and or for weight reduction. 

Finance: How to save money. Opening up a checking and savings account. Finding financial partners to match funds as we save for education. Investment potential and exploring opportunities. Teaching our young people abouot making sound financial decisions.  Helping our young people to plan and budget for short and long terms goals and expenditures. Discussing the impact of philathropic giving.  Entrepreneurship- Building yourself up and then reaching back and building others, making your own business decisions.  Building personal wealth.  

Personal Growth and development: Who are you and where did you come from? Teaching our young folks to discover their identity, and explore their own ancestry. Where do your physical emotional and mental traits come from? How has this shaped who you are and have become? Free your mind and build your soul.  Building strong character and a sense of responsibility.  Making sound decisions.  Cleaning out the demons in our closets. Cultivating and growing healthy minds, and decent respectable attitudes. Teaching our young people about respect both for themselves and the world they live in. Teaching our young folks about self image and self awareness, you are valued, you are loved and you have something to give back to this community and something to contribute to this world. But more than anything you are somebody and should be proud of who you are and where you come from. Dealing with the things that you cannot change? Letting go of your past as a crutch and learning to walk unaided into your future. Providing emergency referrals and services for our young people in need of immediate assistance.